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The 2015 Spring ingot mold symposium will be held at the Holiday Inn in Weirton West Virginia on April 14th followed by a plant tour of Union Electric Steel's Burgettstown Facility on April 15th.

Our Mission
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information between ingot producers, suppliers of materials, and technical experts
  • To apply this information to improve fundamental understanding, optimize process, and solve pratical problems of interest to the participating companies

Ingot Metallurgy Forum Overview

The Ingot Metallurgy Forum, Inc. or IMF is a non-profit international organization comprised of member companies involved in the production of high quality steel ingots. IMF member includes steel ingot producers, suppliers of materials for ingot production and technical experts from industry and academia. The IMF provides member companies the opportunity to share information and identify common ground for further technical exchange and development in an effort to improve the quality and cost of ingot cast steel.


The IMF evolved from an annual, industry-wide meeting on ingot making called the Ingot Metallurgy Symposium, which began in 1987. This one-day symposium was created so that the people involved in producing steel and alloy ingots could learn and discuss technical aspects of the metallurgy of ingot making. Since ingot production is largely ignored at the national steel making conferences, a need was identified to provide a forum for technical discussions on this topic for many who will continue to produce ingots for a long time.


A group at the University of Pittsburgh created the Ingot Metallurgy Symposium. Participants and the annual symposia decided that they would like to meet more often than once per year and from that decision, the IMF was created.


The IMF has approximately 25 member companies who pay annual dues of $1000. This entitles two (2) company representatives to attend three meetings per year. The January meeting is an educational day where technical experts from industry and university professors are invited to lecture on topics of interest such as segregation, solidification, hydrogen, inclusions and other topics. The May meeting is held the day preceding the Ingot Metallurgy Symposium and usually has one or two main topics for discussion and presentation by the members. The October meeting involves a plant tour of the facilities of a member company including both steel making and supplier firms.


Each meeting of the IMF involves an open discussion of technical and operating issues that are challenging to some of the members in the production of ingots. These round table discussions are the highlight of each meeting since members openly discuss operating practices and technical analyses to help each other solve problems. Members routinely call each other between meetings.


One phone call to a fellow member can often solve an ingot making problem. The knowledge and experience gathered from the IMF can help promote career advancement.


General Contact information

Telephone: (412 320 0473

FAX: (412)-431-1177

Postal Address: 239 National Dr. Pleasant Hills, PA 15236

E-mail: Webmaster

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